Easy way San Francisco to SFO International Airport

20110401-021154.jpgEasy way San Francisco to SFO International Airport |  San Francisco , California |  Looking for an easy and not expensive way to transfer from most areas in San Francisco to SFO International Airport? Then this is your perfect equation… Muni plus BART plus Airtrain.

20110401-021242.jpg In less than 25 minutes and USD 13 I went from the heart of Castro (Muni Castro Station) to SFO International Airport. Compared to the average USD 42 that a regular taxi would charge you.

20110401-021521.jpg From any Muni Station, find the closest BART train connection. My case was Castro Station to Civic Center Station (USD 2). There I connected to the BART train to SFO Airport.

20110401-021838.jpg Buy your ticket at the machines for (USD 9). keep your ticket all the way, since you will need it to exit later.

20110401-022056.jpg You are almost there… Once at SFO International Airport connect with the AirTrain to your Airline Terminal. Pay attetion on the sign and proceed to the correct AirTrain Line for Domestic or International departures/arrivals. FYI. for those arriving into SFO International Airport heading to San Francisco, follow the same directions on reverse mode. CM

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