Carlos Melia at Beit Simchat Torah Synagogue

Carlos Melia at Beit Simchat Torah Synagogue |  New York |  Yes you read right, no I have not fell and smack my head against the floor ha ha ha…. This sunday I went to the Synagogue without even being Jewish. Commissioned by VIRTUOSO – Specialists in the Art of Travel – and invited by Stan of The Moldovan Group I did a brief presentation on Luxury Gay Travel, as well as an introduction to destinations in South America at Beit Simchat Torah Synagogue for a group of New York Jewish senior members. CBST – Congregation Beit Simchat Torah Synagogue is a powerful voice within Judaism in the world-wide discourse on the nature of religious community and in the movement to secure basic civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in the United States and throughout the world.
My opening line to get into the groove with them was… ” SHALOM my friends. Please don’t PLOTZ, but although I am GOY I am going to try a few words in YIDDISH, hope not to offend anyone and after all the research I made, to get BUPKES and sound KOSHER. My name is Carlos Melia and I am a MAVEN also consider a MENTSH in LGBT Luxury Travel worldwide. I have SHLEP myself around this morning to SCHMOOZE with you about my SHTICK on Gay & Lesbian Travel. I know…. after my whole SPIEL you are going to say MAZEL TOB this SHEYGETS is finished NU…”
Along with me, my colleague from Pied Piper Travel, Bruce Levy – Director Sales and Marketing company with which I have worked in the past promoting gay hosted group on mainstream mayor cruise lines. MAZEL TOB for the experience. (picture above from left to right Stanley Moldovan, Bruce Levy and myself).  CM

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