Concierge Confidential by Michael Fazio

Concierge Confidential by Michael Fazio |  New York |  A new book is out and about in the travel world available to all those interested on the True and Dare of being a Luxury Concierge in New York City, and wait it gets even better Hollywood as well. Juicy right.!!! Well get your reading glasses ready, sharpen your teeth and set to read and dish over some of the deepest secrets, myth, tabus, eccentricities and facts – names included – of the Concierge world, hoping and praying not to find yours there.
The Globes Come off  and the Secrets Come Out. ! – Tales from the Man Who Serves Millionaires, Moguls and Madmen. The travel world and in particular the Concierges community has not pronounce a final verdict yet, and the reactions have been very mixed, but nothing major at this point.  Some have said “Finally someone will tell it like it is…”, others …” this book comes from and angry man who has never been able to overcome and accept his role as a luxury servant…”, many …” I would not dare to read it, it is of bad taste to laundry dirty dishes in public…”, and the overall consent of non-related direct customers …” can’t wait to read what he has to say after some many years of dealing with some of our beloved celebrities, world politicians, fortune 500’s, their wives, mistresses, hidden boyfriends and all their entourage…”
I think I should find my own personal ghost writter and write my memoirs which I would entitle The Memoirs of a Geisha… mmm what.? Already taken.? Shoot. Ok then … Gay Travel Expert, Life of Champagne with Salaries of Beer. How about that.? Publishers I am listening open for proposals…

Michael Fazio, nowadays is a partner owner of a Concierge company in New York City, dealing with ove 20.000 condominiums and private clients. To get your own copy of Concierge Confidential go to CM

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