3 Great ways to make your Travel Agent HATE you

3 Great ways to make your Travel Agent HATE you |   This morning I read an article with which I felt very much related and I wanted to share it with all of you. The original version is written on Cruise Experts, but since I deal with all type of travel services and therefore I have more than only 3 reasons to HATE you guys (ha ha ha just kidding) I rephrased it to my own tuned version. FYI for those not into this line of business… TRUST me this is what we get and deal with every single day. !!!

Having a good Travel Agent in your pocket can gain you real perks and advantages from booking travel services. A good Agent, with your best interest in mind, can gain lower pricing and greater value down the line. Your clik-to-book agency or even the own travel suppliers (hotels, airlines, cruises) themselves will not even come close to talking about something like that. Complementary Upgrades, bonus amenities and quick access to good information are just some of the benefits you can gain. Finding one of those great agents is one thing. Keeping them interested in you like they might be interested in the travel plans of a close family member is another. Here are some GREAT ways to make your travel agent HATE you. Avoid ANY of these:

1. Ask ” I want to go on holidays, Whatcha got? “
Come on do a little research and homework. There are zillion of possibilities out there. Can you at least narrow it dow to one hemisphere or continent at least, thank you very much.

2. Start your conversation with ” I read from a Friend or TravelCritic, that…”
God does not write what you read on the message boards though so don’t place wagers based on information you get from members at IKnowEverythingAboutTravel

3. Start the conversation with “Here are the Prices my online Travel Broker gave me, can you beat these? “
Another killer line indeed. You might as well holler “If somebody else comes along that’s $20 cheaper I will drop you like a hot potato so don’t invest a lot of time in me”

A good travel expert is an invaluable resource, but one that takes a little time to get the most out of. It’s an ongoing process built on trust, loyalty and courtesy. If you feed your travel agent dirt, odds are you won’t get diamonds in return.

(source: Gadling.com by Chris Owen ) Check the original version of this post at GADLING.com

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