The River Cafe

The River Cafe ( New York City ) • one of New York’s Top restaurants, where the breathtaking panoramic views of Manhattan, go head to head with the  highest level of cuisine and drinks, stylish deco, seamless service and romantic ambience. Nested under the Brooklyn Bridge, only a few minutes from the island of Manhattan. Across a Bridge, over a River and into a Dream. And as if all this was not enough the most spectacular piano performances by renown local pianist George.
( Picture above from right to left Michael Romei – Chief Concierge Waldorf Tower, Buzzy O’Keefe – Owner of The River Cafe and me, Carlos Melia at the bar of the River View Cafe.)
( Picture above from right to left Michael Romei – Chief Concierge Waldorf Tower, Brad Steeleman – Executive Chef of The River Cafe and me, Carlos Melia at the bar of the River View Cafe.)
Believe it or not, our host Javier, spoiled us all night with an amazing Twelve Courses Chef’s Signature Tasting Menu, that had a great kick off with Dirty Martinis at the outdoors deck, overlooking with fascination the New York Skyline, the Stature of Liberty and the Empire State Building. As soon as you enter to the Cafe you will smell the incredible smell of flowers coming from the flower stand next to the reception. As you enter to the floating deck through the ramp the a magical atmosphere will surround you with charm, music, elegancy and unbelievable views that will take your attention for the rest of the night.
The dinner developed in textures, flavors, products all matched and married with the most exquisite regional and French Sparkling Wines, Champagnes and White Wines (Riesling, Chablis and Chardonnay). Appetizers: Taylor Bay Scallop Ceviche, Wild Rock Lobster, River Café Oysters and Caviar Service. Main Courses: Grilled Dorade Fillet, Maine Lobster Special, Spinach and Soft Egg Ravioli and Branzino Fillet. Desserts: the traditional Chocolate Marquise Brooklyn Bridge, an assortment of traditional fresh Ice Creams, Chocolate Sticky Toffee Cake among some other delicatessens that kept coming to the table and was not able to keep track of.
Overall an TOP gourmet choice, for an special occasion or event only minutes away from the Big Apple with the best views of the main landmarks of Manhattan. To be visited, recommended and experienced over and over again. ( more photos below )
(*) Booking in advance is STRONGLY recommended either for dinner or lunch. Tel. (718) 522.5200. Web.
(**) How to get there from Manhattan: by private car or taxi crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Approximately 15 minutes from most point in the city.
(***) Special Thanks to Michael Romei, dear friend and colleague for sharing this hidden gem of Brooklyn and New York.

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