Dionisio Heidersheid talks about Buenos Aires with CM

Dionisio does not need a formal introduction. He has been in the last two years featured by the most important photographers, cover model of the major Gay magazines and publication around the globe and image of many international campaigns.
Dionisio the Argentinean fashion model that left the runways to become the ultimate ICON in adult entertainment in the US. And beyond, is the only model and performer working simultaneously in international fashion and the latest up up growing businesses around the world. And he is ready to hit again.
Dionisio talks to Carlos Melia about Buenos Aires, his native city of La Plata, Argentina in general and Uruguay. Without a doubt Dionisio is a trademark that represent Argentina at its best everywhere he goes.  Thank You Dionisio for this interview. (photos provided by Dionisio in exclusivity for Arseniy Dyrdin )

CM by Carlos Melia Dionisio, Thank you so much for taking time off on your busy schedule for this brief interview. Being a native Argentinean that has been exposed to the world and become an iconic personality that represents Buenos Aires and Argentina worldwide, please share with all my eReaders, why people should visit Buenos Aires and Argentina. ?

DO Basically Carlos, because YOU and ME are here… Ha Ha HA – Just kidding.!!!

Argentina is a naturally rich huge pice of land! . In every sense. From big mountains and ski resorts, waterfalls and salt desserts, to excellent food, wines, tango and a great weather every season..  and of course very kind and warm people with high levels of european original cultures everywhere..  and Buenos Aires style buildings and monuments, Theatre plays, Electronic Parties, beautiful people,, want more??

CM by Carlos Melia • Where in Argentina were you born and why should tourists visit this region ? Highlights or Tips

DO • I’m originally from La Plata city. It is the Capital of the Argentinian province. A perfect pre design city from top to bottom in a perfect square. With an amazing Cathedral as great as Il Duomo of Milan, Italy.  La Plata is a cultural value and the first on its kind in Latin America.. what else can I say?, All my family and the ones I love are there, The best place for me ever.

CM by Carlos Melia • Which is your favorite gateway in Argentina and Why ?

DO • To be honest, I must say that I feel Uruguay a part of Argentina, and we are part of them as well. That for I must confess that I’m in love with Punta Del Este, Uruguay, a place where Argentinian people were from decades ago always welcome. So as I use to be there for almost 10 full summer seasons non stop,,I will recommend, If you are in Argentina, Take the ferry and go across the river, It is amazing..

CM by Carlos Melia • TOP 05 Must DO and SEE tips while in Buenos Aires ?

DO • 1)Hipodromo de Palermo – Horse Racing Tracks . 2) Walk from the Congress building to Puerto Madero by Avenida de Mayo. (bring your camera) Pink House, Cabildo and much more.!. 3) Walk by Puerto Madero, visit the Fortabat Museum, Faena Hotel & Universe, Bridge of Woman by Calatrava and, at Pier 1, go to Madero Tango and see whatever they are playing. 4) shopping in Viejo Palermo, All the fashion stores, local and international labels. Today named Palermo SOHO/Hollywood. 5) go to San Telmo, the old town and have a big CHORIPAN in any little FONDA that will be a memorable experience!

CM by Carlos Melia • TOP 05 Restaurants of your preference in Buenos Aires ?

DO • Lucky Luciano, Miranda, Gibraltar, Milion y Tomo 1.

CM by Carlos Melia • You spend quite some time in hotels through out your year.? What type of hotels do you prefer (Boutique / B&B / Luxury) and which ones are your favorite hotels in Buenos Aries and the rest of Argentina. ?

DO • Well yes, I usually stay at 5 or 6 different hotels while I’m out of Argentina, and to be clear, I’m a homy boy, I like to stay at home. Being that said, I prefer the little boutique hotels, but is never my election,, so it is kinda random thing. Here in Buenos Aires I like Faena Hotel & Universe, cause it is a personalized service in a 5 star hotel. They always know who you are, what you like and you feel at home, But There is a lot of cute new hotels in great areas at the time in Buenos Aires, much more than I know.. And the hotel I prefer the most is the one in Cataratas de Iguazu – Iguazu Falls, Misiones. The classic and never forgotten Sheraton Hotel Iguazu, a classic from all times.

CM by Carlos Melia • You are spending, same as me, part of your year in New York City. How would you relate Buenos Aires and the Big Apple from the tourist point of view ?

DO • Yes, is true, I love NY, and I think, today, the big capitals in the world have more in common than the same cities with their own local towns. Today, if you live in a place like New York, Sao Paulo, London, or Buenos Aires, you’ll find great things in common,, from all the technologies,  buildings and  the way they growing up, to the way we feel and how open minded we are in many senses. I feel people are the biggest added value that we have.We’re the new generation. Be happy and let the others do the same!

CM by Carlos Melia • How do you see the gay night scene of Buenos Aires, compared to other major gay destinations worldwide?

DO • Well, last night we went to a party here in Buenos aires, the DJ was a guy from New Zealand, Circulation, it was great!.. So at the time, what is happening , is that you can have a party like this, just from one day to other.. That shows how big is the electronic and dance scene here. Same in NY… maybe you just finish working, the phone rings, and a friend says: -“ Witney Houston is about to play in central Park in half an hour! Wanna come?.. WWWWWHAT?? Off course I will definitely go!!! And it was for free, So as I said before, we have a lot in common, aside from Witney of course,,,ha ha ha ha

As for the Gay scene,, its growing every year. Discotheques, bars, tourism around all the country. And if you want, Now You Can Get Married!!! We are THAT gay at the time.. Cheers!

CM by Carlos Melia • Friendly, Diverse or Gay Ghetto ? What do you prefer and how would you categorize Buenos Aires.

DO • We, in Buenos Aires are not a Gay Ghetto at all.. we are a friendly destination, for sure. And now that the law is supporting us. I feel we’re about to become the first 100% gay friendly nation, in some decades, we have the potential.

CM by Carlos Melia • During your recent travels worldwide….. Do you feel that Gay Marriage being approved in Argentina, will rank Buenos Aires among the TOP 05 Gay Destinations Worldwide. ?

DO • Maybe, as I said before, We have the potential in every mean.

CM by Carlos Melia • Share with all my eReaders what are you doing these days… What can we expect of Dionisio in the near future. ? … and how may they follow you and your work. ?

DO • At the time my year is like this: I work in NY and San Francisco, some times Miami or L.A. But I’m living in Buenos Aires, where I have my family, my men, my time and the right space to enjoy the daily life as I never though I will. So I plan my work trips based on my film shootings, after I know the dates to shoot, I start contacting photographers and agents so they get me some jobs to do on those dates, Editorial magazines, Books, Campaigns, or just meetings for new projects. So I go back and forward all the time.

So my first movies with Raging Stalion are about to came out, my agent is Black Scorpion Video and my photo book, that is taking me longer than I thought, will see the light soon, so I’m working hard do get this done ASAP…  My last campaign has with for STERERON you can go to Dionisio’s Facebook or Dionisio’s Twitter and Dionisio Heiderscheid BLOG. There you all can see where I’m, follow me and check what I’m up to. My Best Energy for you Carlos and all of your readers!. Dionisio.

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